6:30PM Games and Check in

7:00 Welcome, skit, Talk A for everyone-Amanda Mast

7:45 Break and snack

8:00 Confirmation 1: What is the Sacrament of Confirmation?-Amanda Mast

High School track: Caitlin Uhl

9:00 Exposition, Night Prayer, Benediction

9: 30 Dismissal: turn in your name tag



8:30 AM: Games and check in

9:00 Welcome and opening prayer-Father Paul Buchanan

9:15 Confirmation 2: Amanda Mast

High School: Caitlin Uhl

10:00 Break, skit, snack

10:15 Confirmation 3: With Matthew Newsome

High School track: with Father Joshua Voitus

11:00 Teen Leader Testimonies

11:15 Lunch and dodgeball in the gym

12:30 Confirmation 4: With Father Joshua Voitus

High School track: with Matthew Newsome

1:20 Exposition, enter in silence-Confessions will be offered during Adoration

2:30 Benediction

3:00 Snack and game

3:20 Talk for everyone on the Mass with Father Paul Buchanan

4:00 Pizza dinner, panel with speakers of the day

4:45 Over for Mass

5:00 Mass

6:15 Dismissal from the parish center



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